Electronic thermostat and digital indicator with caliber


JUMO offers a high-quality alternative to mechanical thermostats and dial thermometers with the electronic JUMO miroTRON thermostat and the JUMO miroVIEW digital indicator. The 2 devices are available in a modern design in both rectangular and round formats, which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.


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Different measurement inputs for RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, and standard signals as well as a digital input make them suitable for use within a wide range of applications.

JUMO miroTRON also has up to 4 relay outputs. As an option to the thermostatic function, it can also be used for more demanding control processes. When using the PID two-state controller with autotuning version it delivers a significantly higher control quality.

The high-quality, high-contrast LCD display with the option of individually defining message texts ensures optimum readability and a high level of information content about current processes. In addition to the intuitive operation in 4 languages, extensive additional functions such as a timer, limit value monitoring, or digital control signals for simple logical links can be configured directly on the device or with the setup program via micro USB interface.

JUMO miroVIEW digital indicators are ideal for displaying important process values on site. They also support additional functions such as min/max display, hold signal, and tare signal for a scale application.

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