JUMO with a broad portfolio at the "Lounges" trade fair

Clean solutions for the highest demands

Precise control, effective automation and seamless data analysis are the most important challenges in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Added to this is compliance with the strictest hygiene regulations and international standards


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At the trade fair, JUMO will be presenting a broad portfolio of innovative products and solutions to help customers master complex hygienic applications efficiently and economically. The portfolio includes hygienic process connections, EHEDG-certified solutions, intuitive automation systems and seamless, secure and location-independent data evaluation and visualisation. JUMO Engineering can also customise systems to meet the specific needs of the customer.

"In the treatment of pharmaceutical water, nothing works without the appropriate sensor and automation solutions," emphasises Matthias Kremer, Market Segment Manager for Water and Wastewater at JUMO. He cites reverse osmosis or electrodeionisation for the removal of ions, particles and other impurities or conductivity measurement in quality monitoring as examples.

High-precision measurements

JUMO is presenting the JUMO digiLine CR HT10 at the trade fair. It can now be used to connect conductive conductivity sensors to the intelligent, bus-capable JUMO digiLine system. The system can now also be integrated via an IO-Link interface. The sensor is permanently connected to the head transmitter. The advantages for the user: Predictive maintenance, flexible application options and optimum process monitoring.

Also on board: the JUMO flowTRANS MAG H20! "The JUMO flowTRANS MAG H20 measures conductive media with high precision, even drop by drop.

It can be used flexibly in a wide variety of processes," says Martin Eppinger, Market Segment Manager for Food and Beverage. The temperature is measured in addition to the flow rate. A modern HMI allows configuration via Bluetooth and the JUMO smartCONNECT app. The SPE (Single Pair Ethernet) interface with PoDL (Modbus TCP, JUMO Cloud Connector) enables a simplified JUMO Cloud connection and continuous IP communication from the field to the automation level.

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